My name is Austin and I build for the web.

Things I've Made

Tool Tiles

NPM package of React components displaying development tools/technology logos & tiles

With the 2019 edition of this website, came a second iteration consecutive design containing tiles. It only felt right to finally build an NPM package of React Components to I can reuse in other projects. Having never published to the NPM registry, this also was an opportunity to put something out there for the community. Tool Tiles is built using React, Styled Components & Sass, it renders a wide range of tool icons & tiles as SVG's. This project includes Storybook to interact with all of the included components. Please read more about it's development in my post about the 2019 version of this website.

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Ryan Harris Brown

Website & Store for Musician Ryan Harris Brown

Ryan Harris Brown is a Nashville based singer/songwriter. Upon completing his debut full length album, Ryan was looking for a promotional website and an accompanying online store. It has been rare that a client comes prepared with logos/identity & graphics and a vision for exactly what he wanted. He preparation made this build possible in an extremely short amount of time. The main site was built with Bootstrap and backed by CraftCMS. The store is powered by Wordpress with payments handled through Stripe. In initial discussions with Ryan about how the choices of back-end, there was an option to use CraftCMS Commerce but he opted to have two separate administration pages for each site in the event he would have a third party receive and fulfill orders. Wordpress was aditionally a good option for the commerce site due to it's wide adoption and extensibility.

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Stan Dudley

Marketing Website for Stan Dudley

Stan Dudley is a piano technician & performer based in Des Moines, IA. After many years of providing piano services to the Des Moines area, Stan determined that he needed to market his services on the internet to compete with others in the field. Initially he was planning on using a 'Site Building' application from the 90's, provided by his ISP. After consulting with him (and being a good steward of the web), we determined we could leverage current free resources to build a more current, marketable and effective website for his business. This site is runs on Bootstrap & CraftCMS, providing a modern design with a customized admin specifically tailored to Stan's needs.

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Tools & Technology:

Firecrest Metal Website

Credits Website for Recording Engineer Nathan Yarborough

Nathan Yarborough is a Grammy nominated recording engineer based in Nashville, TN. Nathan only had two requirements for his website: (1) List his credits & (2) Allow visitors to contact him. Crediting has become more and more fractured over the past few years so he felt like he wanted an authoritative place to display his credits. This site is built using CraftCMS and was the first site I used it for. I found it very easy to wire up layouts and "compose" administration pages, allowing me to provide a streamlined administration page that wouldn't be overwhelming for clients to use. As an added feature, I built in the ability for Nathan to include iTunes affiliate links so visitors can visit/purchase from the iTunes store directly from his site. The associated repo is a non-customized static HTML/SCSS version of the website.

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Veva Sound Internal Projects

Various Internal Software & Services Projects

Veva Sound is the world-wide leader in developing standardized methodologies for the collection, documentation and preservation of recorded music. As Director of I.T. & Web Services, I was responsible for the design, management & development of new web applications & services providing clients easy access to all of the business and technical metadata assocated with their assets. I was also responsible for building internal tooling & processes to ensure data accuracy & integrity during long term/archival storage. All projects are internal to Veva Sound.

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Davis Theme

A Simple Theme for the Ghost Blogging Platform

Davis is a clean & simple theme for the Ghost CMS that closely mimics the layout & design of my website from 2017. Upon initially writing the HTML markup, I found the conversion of my static HTML pages into dynamic Handlebars templates to be a breeze. Ghost is an open source blogging platform powered by Node. I have followed this project since it was started on Kickstarter in 2013 as it was attempting to simplify the process of online publishing. Seeing initial demos of what could be built with a completely new development stack than what many of the other CMS systems were using (PHP) was really interesting to me. Getting Ghost up and running on my local machine was my first experience using Node.

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I’m Austin Lauritsen & I'm a software engineer. In 2014, I decided to venture out on my own, away from my project management & I.T. related career path and focus on on developing for the web in HTML, JavaScript, React & Node.

Coming from an upbringing where I was interested in music & computers, I would build websites cataloging & documenting my musical interests. I received a degree in Mass Communications (Production Technology/Audio Engineering) and spent the first part of my career transferring, documenting & archiving music recordings. In late 2009 my career path began to shift when my employer had a variety of technical challenges involving, I.T., networking and web services. My curiously, coupled with a desire to automate and improve the tools I used every day, I eventually took over responsibilities of I.T. & Web Services and worked with a team of developers to build the companies' first customer facing portal. Within a few weeks of starting work on the customer portal project, I knew I wanted to dig deeper and become of developer. I was hooked.

Outside of work, I play Jazz, Funk, and Blues music with Adam Dalton & The B-Sides and enjoy traveling with my wife. You can read more about what I'm into by visiting my Now page.

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